Screenings in 2012

Free screening in San Francisco!It’s been a while since our last blog post, but we have lots of updates to bestow upon you. Since our action-packed premiere in Montreal, we’ve been working hard to ship all of the orders before the holiday rush at the end of the year. They’re still coming in, so please be patient – shipping tends to be quite slow at this time of year.

We’re thrilled that the box set is finding its way around the world – with a recent order from South Africa, we can honestly say that Blood, Sweat + Vinyl has reached every continent in the world (except for Antarctica… c’mon, penguins!).

And we have more screenings coming up, with the next few being regional premieres:

We’re very excited to have our German premiere at Kommkino Filmhaus, in Nürnberg, on 12 & 13 January – that’s right, 2 nights to see BS+V in Germany, complete with German subtitles! Huge thanks to Paul Pabst for taking on the task of translation. We hope to have more German screenings in the future, now that these are available.

Also on the 13th of January, we are screening in Milano, Italy, at Santeria – and this will be the Italy premiere! This place puts on lots of awesome events, so we’re stoked to have the film shown at this venue.

And, for all of you that truly consider San Francisco and Oakland to be separate towns… on 14 January, we are having our FREE San Francisco premiere at Lost Weekend Video! This place combines an independently-run video store and screening room all under one roof. Because of the location’s foot-traffic-friendly location in the mission district, we’re looking forward to presenting this to both fans of the music and folks that are walking in to rent Kung Fu Panda 2. Should be an interesting crowd, in a one-of-a-kind venue – come on down if you’re around! And, stop by Aquarius Records – one of the featured record stores in the film – as they are located right across the street.

As always, check the Screenings page for more info.

We have more screenings in the works, so we will let you know about them when they’re confirmed. And, we are still looking for digital distribution to make viewing this film easier for more people around the world. Until then, thanks for all of the great comments on the film and overall support for this music. Excelsior!

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