Lost Weekend

BS+V at Lost Weekendpossible friend of wanda's?

San Francisco! We love you, and we were amazed at how many people came out to see the film on Saturday night. The kind folks at Lost Weekend Video reacted quickly to the large crowd by pushing several DVD racks out of the way and setting out about 20 more seats than they thought we’d need.

We don’t know how a lot of you heard about the screening, but we’re glad you did. There was one canine member of the audience who provided some commentary during the Constellation section. We’re pretty sure he was a Godspeed fan.

Another East Bay screening is coming up in February at the Oakland Music Complex. More info on that soon. Also for those of you in SF, be sure to keep track of Lost Weekend’s basement theatre Cinecave plans. They just completed a more than successful Kickstarter that will outfit their basement with a killer screen, sound system and cozy velvet theatre chairs.

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