For the Visually Inclined

Kenneth, demonstrating the epicness in Lille14 dates, 6 Q+A’s, 102 croissants… and 186 photos, whittled down from over 800! These are just a few of the basic stats from our whirlwind week in France, where we recently toured with BS+V.

Thanks to Kongfuzi Booking, BS+V was given the royal treatment with 14 screenings, of which we were able to participate in 6, to answer questions and meet fellow fans of these awesome labels.

As we’ve said before, the best way to see this film is to experience it in a live music setting, which is what inspired the making of the film in the first place. Kongfuzi understood this idea and booked the film in multiple music festivals and gigs, some of which included people profiled in the film.

Perhaps the most enjoyable date was the last one in Lille, where we were lucky enough to open up for a solo performance from Scott Kelly… on a boat. And that was the day after the Blood Brothers Fest in Paris, where the film played with Scott, Eugene Robinson, and The Luxury of Empire, an Oxbow documentary directed by Mariexxme. Epic!

You can see a fairly enormous collection of pictures of this event, along with pictures of the adventurous week in Blois, Montbeliard, Strasbourg, Metz, Paris, and Lille. It was a real thrill to meet fans of the film and to talk to so many people about the music that we all love. Merci beaucoup!

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