Isis – Los Angeles – 2005

Track: “Glisten”

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Kenneth Thomas.
Camera Operation by RJ Paganini, Kenneth Thomas, and Ren Yoneyama.
Shot at The Troubadour, 5 November 2005.

Back to the beginning – 5 November 2005, The Troubadour, Los Angeles. This was the shoot that started the 6-year documentary trek. Isis, while not officially a “Hydra Head band,” was the group that introduced me to the record label. I would continue to see the same core group of fans at subsequent shows from Isis, Pelican, Cave In, and other bands affiliated with the label – and it’s one of the personal reasons why I dig this clip. That, and the fact that Isis played songs at this one-off show that I never heard them play live again. This performance of “Glisten” is one of them – previously released on Isis’ “Clearing the Eye” DVD.

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