One Year Later…

Hey everybody –

Long time, no talk – but for good reason. On 15 October 2012, BSV will be one-year old! We’ve been laying low the past couple of months, partially to rest from the past year of glorious madness.

It’s been a whirlwind of awesome proportions – from releasing the film at our self-curated BSV festival in Oakland, CA; to an 8-day trek through France, where the film opened up for bands and performers like Om, Pneu, Eugene Robinson, and Scott Kelly (on a boat, no less).

But what made the last year so memorable was meeting folks from all over the world that share the commitment and passion to this music, these labels, and the drive that makes this community what it is. The response to the film has been exponentially larger and more exciting than we ever expected, and we are immensely thankful that the film has reached all of you. And, I personally feel extremely lucky to have had documented this during a time when all of these labels were releasing tons of music, and their bands were touring like wildfire.

Which leads me the next point of this post – We also want to let folks know, if they haven’t heard already, about the demise of Hydra Head Records. Hydra Head was the first label I approached, back in 2005, when the idea for this doc was a mental fetus in my brain. 5 November 2005 was the first shoot of the doc, with the filming of Isis at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. From there, it was a non-stop train of heavy music and sore shoulders from the constant handheld camera operation. Aaron and Mark, who headed up HH, were extremely accommodating to my ideas, and the amount of assistance and fun that I was able to document, and be a part of, will be greatly missed. But, more than my personal joy of having been there with my camera, the amount of music and artwork they were able to put out in their nearly two decades of existence is awe-inspiring.

So, during the month of October, we will have a bittersweet tribute to Hydra Head, by posting rarely seen (or unseen) clips from the doc that are exclusively Hydra Head related: Cave In, Pelican, Isis, Daughters, and maybe some clips from the doc, will grace this page once a week. It’s the small way that I can pay tribute to what will always be one of the coolest labels to have existed.

Until then, keep watching throughout October for our weekly Hydra Head tributes, and for news on an upcoming event!

Event? Well, it is our one-year anniversary…

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