BSV Box Set – Reduced Price! Plus, an online version of the film (finally)!

Hey folks – It’s been a long time, but there is lots of activity brewing here at BSV HQ. We’ve got a couple of screenings coming up in Europe, so stay tuned for those details. And, another documentary is in the works. We are very excited about this, and I would guess that fans of the bands in BSV will be, too. More on that soon!

But, for now, some exciting news about how you can obtain a copy of Blood, Sweat + Vinyl:

* We have lowered the price of the box set from $42 to $30. It has been 2 years since the film was first screened in April of 2011, in Los Angeles; and today is Record Store Day – so it seems right to lower the price to commemorate these two events. Plus, we just have a few hundred copies left – so, if anybody wants another copy of this limited edition, or if the price always seemed a bit high, then we hope this helps! Here is the link for that:

* The number one question about the distribution of this film has been, “Can I watch this online?” Well, we investigated a ton of options, and we found something that won’t financially screw us and keep the rights under our domain – vimeo. For $5, you can now download Blood, Sweat + Vinyl via Vimeo’s Video On Demand service! Just go here to do it:

Of course, the limited box set is still the ultimate way to experience the film that we independently made, with the additional 2 hours of live footage and box of exclusive goodies. But now, you can buy it for a lower price, or you can download it for a small fee.

More to come soon!

PS – We just added Amoeba Music, in Los Angeles, to our list of retailers of the box set!

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