Daughters – Live in Los Angeles – 2006

Co-Produced by TV Eye Magazine and Kenneth Thomas.
Edited by Kenneth Thomas.
Camera Operation by Tony Allen, Alan Sova, Kenneth Thomas, and Jozo Zovko.
Shot at The Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, 26 September 2006.

Yes, this Cutting Room Floor selection is definitely NSFW – so, young’uns, make sure you get your parents’ permission before viewing. Apparently, Daughters’ performance was so electrifying, Alexis Marshall (the singer) couldn’t keep his pants on. Then again, when you take a group that sounds like The Birthday Party on PCP, nudity seems like a logical part of the equation.

While this entire show was shot by 4 cameras, this particular clip stands out, as it encapsulates what made Daughters so great: raw, maniacal energy, that was too chaotic to last – demonstrated by their abrupt ending of the show, due to the fear of arrest after Alexis’ indecent exposure. Their permanent hiatus status came about in 2010, shortly after their last release on Hydra Head Records, which many fans claim is their best. The only surprise there is that they didn’t break up sooner.

This whole night was epic – starting off with a surprise visit from Xasthur, performing with opening band, Nachtmystium (which might end up on this page one day, so stay tuned). Saviours then rocked the house with their NorCal take on speed metal, which led into the fury that was Daughters. Headlining that night was Pelican, whose entire show was shot for a Japanese-released DVD that was compiled with their third full-length, City of Echoes. Based on the footage you’ll see here, I would love to make something similar for Daughters – for now, enjoy this clip.

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