The Seattle Report

NW Film Forum - this place is hard to beat, folks!I’ll try not to start all of my blog posts with “wow” – but, again, it’s a fitting word to describe this past weekend in Seattle, where Blood, Sweat + Vinyl had its Northwest premiere. From the friendly and professional accommodations at the NW Film Forum, to the positive reactions of the viewers, we were able to share this film with an appreciative crowd whose response was both exciting and humbling.

A lot of promotion of the film was done by Adam Noble Bass, a local promoter who helped spread the word of this screening – many seats were filled, thanks to him!

The capper, though, was reuniting with old friends that helped make this a reality – by helping me shoot interviews, live concert footage, and photographs of the bands in action. Several shoots took place up in Seattle over the years, and I was able to work with talented friends of mine to create significant portions of this film – an ideal situation for any filmmaker. Having them attend the screening, along with folks that were interviewed in the film, was extra special.

Check out the photos below to see what I’m talking about – and thank you, Seattle!

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