Scott Kelly – Portland – 26 November 2006

Track: “Our First Thought”

Produced by Kenneth Thomas.
Camera Operation by Kenneth Thomas.
Shot at Dunes, Portland, OR, 26 November 2006.

We’ve had a few weeks in a row of epic tracks from artists featured in Blood, Sweat + Vinyl – now it’s time to take a breather and watch a clip that’s a lot more stripped down and mellow. Yet just as heavy as everything else you’ve seen here.

Scott Kelly, one of the founding members of Neurosis, played at a now-defunct neighborhood bar called Dunes in Portland, OR, two days after Neurosis annihilated the city at Dante’s. I had been in town to film the Neurosis show, having enlisted 3 of my camera-savvy friends to help me in exchange for a scrumptious dinner at a nearby pub. By the night of Scott’s gig, my friends had already left town. So – with video camera in hand, I jumped at the opportunity to record this intimate show.

It was a definite roller-coaster weekend, having flown in to film the pummeling performance of Neurosis, and capping it off, mere hours before I was to fly out, with an acoustic set by Scott Kelly. If you’re fans of Neurosis and haven’t heard him perform solo, then you are in for a treat.

You can catch Neurosis as well as several other Neurot-related artists this weekend at Portland’s Music Fest NorthWest.

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