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European Box Set Bonanza

Revolvermann Records

We are delighted and amazed and grateful that box sets of the film are still selling! Most of the box sets travel to Europe, which unfortunately creates a lot of extra fees. We have been told that some people have not bought box sets because of the combined cost of postage and customs fees. Well, […]continue

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Scott Kelly on the Road. BS+V off the Road.

Scott Kelly performing at la PĂ©niche in Lille, France

We’re back from France, and we have a lot of photos, a lot of stories, and a lot of people to thank. We would especially like to thank all of you who attended the screenings throughout France, organized by the almighty Kongfuzi team! We’ll be posting a much more elaborate report in a couple weeks, […]continue

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Roadburn and on the Road

Godspeed marquee from way back in 2011

April has turned out to be a ridiculously busy month. Never before have we been so frustrated with the lack of progress in the science of cloning. We wish there was a way we could be at all three of the BS+V related events this weekend, but we are limited to attending only one of […]continue

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Doom Over Leipzig

Doom Over Leipzig 2012

A reminder that the film will be screening this coming Wednesday at Doom Over Leipzig in Germany. The festival spans several days and features stellar bands like White Hills, Earth, Gottesmorder and many others. Doom Over Leipzig celebrates the same DIY spirit that is embodied in BS+V, and we are extremely proud to be a […]continue

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Om at le Confort Moderne

They’re not in the documentary, but OM is always in heavy listening rotation at BS+V headquarters. We love these guys, have seen them play live many times, and are downright honored to be sharing the stage with them on the 16th of April in Poitiers, France. This is also a good time to let you […]continue

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BS+V in Montreal with Hangedup

Montreal screening of BS+V with Hangedup

EVENT DETAILS 21 November 2011 @ 8:00pm Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC 12$ / 15$ at the door Tickets This event has been on our screenings calendar for a while, and it’s hard to believe that it’s happening in just a week! The amazing folks at Pelecanus have put together an evening that includes a screening […]continue

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Shipping of Pre-Orders Has Begun!

Boxes o' fists on their way.

Box sets have begun making their way around the world! Some of you may receive yours in the mail as early as next week. Those of you outside if North America might not receive them for 2 weeks, so please be patient and try not to hit the panic button until that time passes. We […]continue

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Pre-Order is Closed

the scourge, pretending he knows how to do a press check

We learned a lot of things from the Pre-Order. We learned that very few of you are from the United States, which makes us happy that we made the extra effort to provide subtitles to the film in French and Spanish. In the future, if the film is released in any other format, we’ll be […]continue

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Was broken. Now fixed.

newsletter form acts like drunk moose. now all okay.

The internet is full of mysteries. The latest mystery is why the newsletter signup went kaputt. Thanks to those of you who alerted me, and after some hairy moments it seems to be back up and running. If it was giving you trouble earlier, please give it another try.continue

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