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Film Description

Blood, Sweat, and Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century
(2011, 91 min, Produced & Directed by Kenneth Thomas)

This captivating documentary is the product of five years of obsessive filming of live concert footage, exclusive interviews, and historic documentation focusing on three fiercely independent music labels and their bands.

Featuring Neurosis, ISIS, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pelican, Oxbow, Evangelista, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Cave In, and many others whose music and art found ideal homes in the artist-run record labels of Hydra Head, Neurot, and Constellation.

These labels combine hard-to-define, heavy music with a visual aesthetic that has enraptured worldwide fans, without the need for radio or corporate media outlets. They uphold the legacy of treating music as an art form, not as a product.

This film is an answer to those who question where the spirit of punk rock is today.

Over 20 bands and visual artists.
3 record labels.
1 philosophy.

Blood, Sweat & Vinyl provides a keen glimpse into crucial corners of the modern music universe where corporate concerns are disregarded and the artists are given (and receive) the respect they deserve.”
– J. Bennett,
Decibel Magazine

“It’s the perfect documentary to make a statement for independent labels, record collecting and general admiration for bands that we love and admire, documenting their influence in a very humbling way… when is part two being made??”
– Lauren Barley,
Rarely Unable

“It’s a goldmine of exclusive footage for fans, but it’s also a compelling piece for curious onlookers… It’ll make you proud to listen to this music.”
– Etan Rosenbloom,

Blood, Sweat + Vinyl Logo

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Film Stills

Director’s Bio – Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas is the independent eye and artist behind The Scourge Productions. He has spent the last 15 years capturing and displaying a unique vision via his multi-disciplinary skills in shooting, directing, editing, and photography. His primary interest is in documentary work which focuses on capturing authentic experiences.

Kenneth’s previous works have included directing music videos, producing EPK’s and filming for The Residents, X, The Chameleons UK, Queens of the Stone Age, ISIS, Neurosis, Yanni, Bruce LaBruce, William Shatner, and many other artists.

He is in the process of completing a film trilogy entitled “The Pathology of Civilization”. The trilogy addresses the futility of progress arising from the dissonance of humanity and nature. Portions of this project have been shown at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, in Manhattan as part of “The Big Screen Project”, and at the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco.

Photo – Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas - photo by Maria Matteoli